Thursday, November 29, 2012

American Apocalyspe

Apocalypse is the only term I can think of to describe the re-"election" of Barack Hussein Obama.  I put quotes around the term election because the rampant voter fraud and irregularities (which the leftist liberal media refuse to cover) leave serious doubt about the accuracy of the election results.  The shameless work but supposed experts like Nate Silver to advocate for an Obama landslide I believe was part of a widespread media conspiracy cover-up the fraud and make the public believe a big Obama win was expected.  The idea that Obama was a 90+% favorite is ludicrous for anyone who lives in the real world.

So now I've decided I must add my voice to the small chorus who are willing to tell the truth about the Kenyan fraud in the White House and the secret agenda he's been hiding.  The most important and frightening item is his plan to remain in the White House for a 3rd (and probably more) term.  Think that's impossible because of the 22nd Amendment (As if Obama cares about the American Constitution)?  Rush predicted it in 2009 and I know exactly how he's going to pull it off.  Hussein Obama is a Harvard trained lawyer (despite the fact we've never seen any transcripts to prove he legitimately graduated) who knows how to MANIPULATE the law even if he doesn't follow it.  In my next post I'll explain how he plans to do it and how WE can stop him!

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