Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Real American Leader - TED CRUZ

This is a true American hero and role model.  A child of a LEGAL Cuban immigrant father who doesn't hate his country or vilify our traditional culture and values.  Cruz is the antithesis of Barack Hussein Obama, who constantly attacks White American and uses his race as an implicit and explicit affirmative action tool to get ahead. Cruz uses hard work, intellect and Christian faith to serve his family and country, and, I hope, to win the Presidency.  I encourage all my readers listen to his words for yourself and IMAGINE what this great man could do for our great nation.  There are other strong contenders for my final vote, but for now I can't help feeling the a visceral excitement and enthusiasm for Senator Cruz when I hear the man speak about his love and vision for American WITHOUT A TELEPROMPTER.

Monday, March 23, 2015

From Kenyan Usurper to Lesbian Femi-Nazi

Well, we suffered another defeat in 2012 (though I seriously doubt the legitimacy of the results).
 Perhaps if a true conservative had been given the Republican nomination instead of a weak, milquetoast appeaser and apologist like Mitt Romney true Americans would have been inspired to vote and and FIGHT if their votes were discounted and ignored by a corrupt OBUMMER run fraud campaign.  I was disheartened by the choice of Romney as nominee and even more so the Kenyan's further reign of terror, but I feel that today I have to bring back my voice to speak out and fight against his corrupt successor-in-waiting, Hillary Clinton.

It's critical to remember the criminality, immorality and disgrace her husband has already brought upon the White House and the Nation.  If we, as Americans, allow such an Clintonian abomination to occur again, just  a few short years after Slick Willie's rule, then perhaps we don't deserve the nation we were born to.  Over the next many months of campaigning I'll share my thoughts and those critical information and insights shared with me by other conservative activists to help YOU stop Hillary and bring a true conservative such as Ted Cruz or Scott Walker to the Presidency.  These are the true American leaders who can bring this country back to sanity and call out the communists, race baiters, terrorists, godless heathens and criminals who infest the halls of power in the form of the democrat party.  

Friday, November 30, 2012

Why Obama was "Chosen"

I've been asked by readers here and elsewhere "Why would anyone choose a Kenyan name Barack Hussein  Obama as a Manchurian candidate?".  This is a reasonable question and one I once asked.  The answer is simple and logical, once you're considered it.  The key to understanding is that Hussein Obama is not the only person chosen by America's enemies to infiltrate our nation and try to seize the reigns of power.  Its impossible to know the details, but you have to assume there are dozens of enemy agents working to take the reigns of American political power surreptitiously.  Hussein Obama just happened, for several reasons, to be the most successful.  First of all, he has the manner of a natural dictator, able to rouse a weak-minded crowd to a frenzy.  His quick rise to power from local activist to Presidential candidate was based almost solely on this talent, quite reminiscent of Hitler's own rise to power.  Great dictators all have this ability to enthrall the many fools of the world with clever lies and grandiose speeches.  Obama's second great advantage was his race and his white grandparents and mother.  He was able to understand the mind of liberal white Americans and use the white guilt that the liberal media and universities have developed for decades.  But as a black, he was also able to get the blacks, ethnic immigrants and illegals to voter for him in droves because they knew he would steal from the whites and give it them more welfare.

How do I know all this?  How can I know the secret that Hussein Obama is really a foreign agent?  First of all, his own success backfired.  Despite his flowery oratory and brainwashed followers, his background story was too full of holes for the real media to ignore.  Witnesses, including his own aunt, have stated that he was born in Kenya.  He foolishly admitted that he attended a Muslim madrassa while he was raised in the Indonesia (when there were christian schools available). Even in America, Hussein Obama chose not to attend a real Christian church and instead went to Reverend Wright's America hating Trinity Church.  A church were Wright repeatedly and consistently attack America as a terrorist nation.  He said the USA created AIDS as a weapon of genocide among his many insane rants.  All of this makes Obama's true goals apparent.  But if this wasn't enough, we only need to look at Hussein Obama's actions while in office.  Everything he's done has weakened this great nation.  He's abandoned Israel, lost the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, cut military funding, put gays in the armed services, destroyed our private health care system and trampled our freedoms.  Why would any true American Patriot do everything they could to destroy this country?  The answer is they would NOT! So for anyone who really thinks about it, the answers are PERFECTLY CLEAR.  If you read this and understand, please share this information and this blog with everyone you know.  We have to TAKE BACK AMERICA!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

History Repeats

This is where we're headed if Hussein Obama isn't impeached before he steals a third term.  

American Dictatorship

I promised to explain how Hussein Obama would manipulate the American Constitution to stay in the White House for a 3rd, and more, term becoming the first AMERICAN DICTATOR.  Most people try to suppress this story by claiming the 22nd Amendment would prevent a third term.  WRONG!  Fellow Americans, you need to open your eyes and really READ the American Constitution.

The 22nd amendment states:
No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.
The key word, which Hussein Obama surely knows, is "Elected".  This means he can't run for President and be elected for a 3rd term.  But Hussein Obama knows he can run as Vice President with any one of his communist conspirators posing as the "Presidential" candidate.  I hope you can all guess what the next step will be.  Obama steals yet another election via voter fraud, and then patsy running for "President" with him resigns.  Or more likely, Hussein Obama just has him assassinated to gin up public support and pin it on the mythical "right wing conspiracy" movement.

This has been the plan all along, since before Hussein Obama was even born.  The real Manchurian candidate didn't come from China or the Soviets, he came from Kenya.  The question now is whether Real Americans will wake up and TAKE AMERICA BACK!  The liberal commies and foreign powers can't rule our country if we FIGHT BACK!

American Apocalyspe

Apocalypse is the only term I can think of to describe the re-"election" of Barack Hussein Obama.  I put quotes around the term election because the rampant voter fraud and irregularities (which the leftist liberal media refuse to cover) leave serious doubt about the accuracy of the election results.  The shameless work but supposed experts like Nate Silver to advocate for an Obama landslide I believe was part of a widespread media conspiracy cover-up the fraud and make the public believe a big Obama win was expected.  The idea that Obama was a 90+% favorite is ludicrous for anyone who lives in the real world.

So now I've decided I must add my voice to the small chorus who are willing to tell the truth about the Kenyan fraud in the White House and the secret agenda he's been hiding.  The most important and frightening item is his plan to remain in the White House for a 3rd (and probably more) term.  Think that's impossible because of the 22nd Amendment (As if Obama cares about the American Constitution)?  Rush predicted it in 2009 and I know exactly how he's going to pull it off.  Hussein Obama is a Harvard trained lawyer (despite the fact we've never seen any transcripts to prove he legitimately graduated) who knows how to MANIPULATE the law even if he doesn't follow it.  In my next post I'll explain how he plans to do it and how WE can stop him!