Friday, November 30, 2012

Why Obama was "Chosen"

I've been asked by readers here and elsewhere "Why would anyone choose a Kenyan name Barack Hussein  Obama as a Manchurian candidate?".  This is a reasonable question and one I once asked.  The answer is simple and logical, once you're considered it.  The key to understanding is that Hussein Obama is not the only person chosen by America's enemies to infiltrate our nation and try to seize the reigns of power.  Its impossible to know the details, but you have to assume there are dozens of enemy agents working to take the reigns of American political power surreptitiously.  Hussein Obama just happened, for several reasons, to be the most successful.  First of all, he has the manner of a natural dictator, able to rouse a weak-minded crowd to a frenzy.  His quick rise to power from local activist to Presidential candidate was based almost solely on this talent, quite reminiscent of Hitler's own rise to power.  Great dictators all have this ability to enthrall the many fools of the world with clever lies and grandiose speeches.  Obama's second great advantage was his race and his white grandparents and mother.  He was able to understand the mind of liberal white Americans and use the white guilt that the liberal media and universities have developed for decades.  But as a black, he was also able to get the blacks, ethnic immigrants and illegals to voter for him in droves because they knew he would steal from the whites and give it them more welfare.

How do I know all this?  How can I know the secret that Hussein Obama is really a foreign agent?  First of all, his own success backfired.  Despite his flowery oratory and brainwashed followers, his background story was too full of holes for the real media to ignore.  Witnesses, including his own aunt, have stated that he was born in Kenya.  He foolishly admitted that he attended a Muslim madrassa while he was raised in the Indonesia (when there were christian schools available). Even in America, Hussein Obama chose not to attend a real Christian church and instead went to Reverend Wright's America hating Trinity Church.  A church were Wright repeatedly and consistently attack America as a terrorist nation.  He said the USA created AIDS as a weapon of genocide among his many insane rants.  All of this makes Obama's true goals apparent.  But if this wasn't enough, we only need to look at Hussein Obama's actions while in office.  Everything he's done has weakened this great nation.  He's abandoned Israel, lost the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, cut military funding, put gays in the armed services, destroyed our private health care system and trampled our freedoms.  Why would any true American Patriot do everything they could to destroy this country?  The answer is they would NOT! So for anyone who really thinks about it, the answers are PERFECTLY CLEAR.  If you read this and understand, please share this information and this blog with everyone you know.  We have to TAKE BACK AMERICA!


  1. Part I


    Appreciative of your position, perspective, clear and obvious decent character, integrity and honesty as per this piece (alone). Thank you. Thank you indeed. You have it right with a few corrections and/or additions that need to be spoken to...........

    The word insidious is, quite possibly, the single best word as same describes this individual officially known as "Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.". I say insidious as Barack Hussein Obama Sr., who v. much existed was not BHO, Jr's biological father. Nor was Stanley Ann Dunham the mother. Both were plants. Deliberate Potemkin Village "parents" and when you or anyone stand back as it were from this beyond disturbing fact that a most secreted child born in 1961 (who honestly knows where) to parents who were not Obama, Sr. nor Ann Dunham, then protected all these decades as the future head of the (United States) New Africa, who was falsely registered at Columbia, curiously registered at Harvard and eventually made head of the Law Review but never published a single brief (that's a first), later with Harvard Law School degree in hand curiously never paracticed law, instead was nothing more than a community organizer (show me any negro with a law degree from any top or middle, even low echelon law school who is not practicing law.........., but I digress. The same BHO, Jr. who later in his curious out-of-knowhere/who is this guy/where did he come from path toward Totalitarianism/the destruction (negrofication)of this nation, along with his wife (who magically got into my alma mater) was also required to "voluntarily surrender" his license to practice law in Illinois and who cannnot pass a simple E-Verify background check, as well, has successfully employed not one but several (fraudulent) Social Security numbers (I only have one legitimate Social Security number by the way.....), you start to realize with mind-boggling realization the undeniable enormity of just how unreal, vicious, downright insidious this front by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. truly is.

    You'll forgive me if I do not pull any punches.

  2. Part II

    This most recent "election" was beyond fixed as per the Obama junta contracting the Spanish corporation SCYTL to "count" the votes in over 900 precincts in 11 states. As well, many other "voting machines" were maintained by technicians whose union is SEIU for some not so coincidental reason. That the country's resident eunuch affectionately referred to as the Republican party and the Republicans in the Legislative Branch openly allowed same to happen is its own indictment. And then we witnessed Mr. Nice Guy, AKA Mitt Romney being ever so insular, arrogant and, alas nice........., never getting ugly with the thug and his hobnailed jackbooot junta. Nice guys do not finish last. They simple do not finish, period.

    This once great albeit imperfect nation, today New Africa is honestly beyond lost. And without sounding like a wimp as I like a good fight, I really do, I really love a good fight, but it's over. It honestly is. To (try to) take this nation back by way of the ballot box has proven itself to be a rigged joke.

    So what is the answer? Is same to get ballistic as it were? No pun intended. Tragically, that IS the answer and our darling handlers know it's quite possibly coming. This is why the beguiling Department of Homeland Security have placed an order with ATK (Federal Ammmunition) for 1.2 BILLION 40 S&W caliber hollowpoints and .223 FMJ's. Real killer rounds these. Cute. And not to be left standing at the alter, the Department of Agriculture have an order in for same, only 2000 million as all those dairy cattle and soybean obviously need protection. But I digress....

    Beyond punative energy costs keep going up and up, punishing our way of life starting with our convey and freedom. Not so coincidentally, so too illegal and punative CAFE standards for which the automotive industry has never fought against same as they should. Who'd have thunk? Not me. I'm still waiting for my Obamaphone. How about you? And Admiral Gaoutte along with General Ham were both made to stand down and relieved of their command when each ordered a rescue for State Departmment personnel (expendible assets) in Libya by "The One". But no one is mentioning that amongst other 'hear, speak and say no evil' retorts, in truth whispers. Welcome to New African.

  3. Part III

    So when will the first not so proverbial shot be fired, all the more post facto shots be fired? When the pain reaches a beyond breaking point which for many it already has? Or will it fester longer to the point where "Americans" are nothing other than complete and total servile proletariats?

    Taxmageddon 2013 (which only now is being spoken to) includes amoung many of its "riches" an increase of nearly 150% on dividend taxes to 43.4%. I can hardly wait for the hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of fixed income shareholders who will witness their net income of their esssential dividend cut in half via that 43.4% tax which is not being fought in Congress to come to that pernicious reality in fiscal year 2014. This should make for tens upon hundreds of thousands of retirees being forced into the street so as to become for the first time in their lives reliant on Papa Doc II, none other than "The One", Sham Wowbama, Obamanocchio, The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers. Malcolm X's secret love child.

    Nineteen Eighty-Four in 2012 and beyond........ And many laugh still at Eric Blair ("George Orwell") for his brilliant dyostopic tocsin penned on Jura Island in 1949.

    And let's not forget the massive tax increases slated against low to middle income levels, as well the return of the "estate tax" ramped up to 55% of many an estate. Big Brother (Papa Doc II) loves this nation and its wealth. Capital gains will be increased by nearly 50%. A cap on FSA's of $2,500.00 is slated, no hold harmless on AMT, no charitable contributions to non profits from IRA's.
    And our military IS stronger and a far more fearsome force to be reckoned with when we look upon women (historically in a former world throughout time the givers of life and primary nurturers of same) with such open contempt by compelling them to be "warriors" and serve in front line positions with weapon in hand, as well de facto prostitutes aboard fleet vessel roaming the oceans and seas. Ah, the Love Boat! If nothing else it certainly makes for wonderful camaraderie and again instills fear in any potential adversary. And not to be oppressed anymore, the eternally crucified homosexual is now right out in the open and then some with equal preferential treatment and advancment to that of women and "minorities" in our "military". I can just feel the quaking fear in the minds of any potential adversary.

    Oh the coming joys of the former United States as per the darling negro, Papa Doc II. Check out his golf swing and his wife's cute designer shoes as Rome burns baby, burns...........