Monday, March 23, 2015

From Kenyan Usurper to Lesbian Femi-Nazi

Well, we suffered another defeat in 2012 (though I seriously doubt the legitimacy of the results).
 Perhaps if a true conservative had been given the Republican nomination instead of a weak, milquetoast appeaser and apologist like Mitt Romney true Americans would have been inspired to vote and and FIGHT if their votes were discounted and ignored by a corrupt OBUMMER run fraud campaign.  I was disheartened by the choice of Romney as nominee and even more so the Kenyan's further reign of terror, but I feel that today I have to bring back my voice to speak out and fight against his corrupt successor-in-waiting, Hillary Clinton.

It's critical to remember the criminality, immorality and disgrace her husband has already brought upon the White House and the Nation.  If we, as Americans, allow such an Clintonian abomination to occur again, just  a few short years after Slick Willie's rule, then perhaps we don't deserve the nation we were born to.  Over the next many months of campaigning I'll share my thoughts and those critical information and insights shared with me by other conservative activists to help YOU stop Hillary and bring a true conservative such as Ted Cruz or Scott Walker to the Presidency.  These are the true American leaders who can bring this country back to sanity and call out the communists, race baiters, terrorists, godless heathens and criminals who infest the halls of power in the form of the democrat party.  

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